β€œa wild dedication of yourselves
To undiscovered waters, undreamed shores.” 
― William Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale 


Thank you so much for checking out my site! It is my joy to share my personal journey on fitness, health, veganism, and other discoveries! On occasions, I will choose to share my creative writing works and updates as well.

I wish to introduce myself, I am a writer, a pondering one who usually spends her day researching about interesting topics such as art, nature, and psyche. My genre is Creative Nonfiction. I enjoy writing poetry, essays, and prose. Writing helps me express who I truly am.

My interests include working out, playing basketball, baking pastries, and visiting libraries. On spontaneous occasions, I do travel, in order to go someplace unknown and new to me. For in the absence of usual obligations while discovering the presence of novelty, we do end up finding ourselves.

I am looking most forward to connecting with you!


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