Food binge or meal prep?

These lockdowns are taking a toll on me… but then, it has been to all of us. Challenging times with an added fear of lowering one’s immunity due to stress. That is why the constant challenge that we have to maintain one’s well being to fight off the prevailing COVID away from ourselves. Stress equatedContinue reading “Food binge or meal prep?”

Ichigo Ichie: One moment at a time

Ichigo ichie helps you discover your ikigai, or life’s purposeβ€”because it’s only by learning to be present, to be tuned into what catches your attention and excites you in the moment, that you can identify what it is that most motivates you and brings you happiness… @ikigaibook I used to think a lot about myContinue reading “Ichigo Ichie: One moment at a time”

Freedom’s Need For Equilibrium

            I have always been a sole believer of self-discipline. I see it as an important trait that enhances one’s well-being. To adhere to one’s personal development amidst one’s changing circumstances has been a priority for me. Self- control teaches us to prioritize the necessities of family, education, while being capable of helping yourself andContinue reading “Freedom’s Need For Equilibrium”