Natural Tweaks

I have never been much of a user of expensively concocted beauty products myself. Surprisingly, some would say, given that I am in the world of modelling and pageantry. However, I do enjoy studying the latest brands and discoveries of such innovative beauty care. From vlogs to written news, I do immerse myself in learningContinue reading “Natural Tweaks”

Couch Potato Syndrome.

“What do you do when motivating discipline fluctuates?” I feel undisciplined again… (an excerpt from the beginning of lockdown…) The soft sheets made me sink lower to an eclipse of lazy stupor, my dear cat Hugo, looking from under the blankets in her somewhat worrisome but caring way, her paw nestled on my wrist, IContinue reading “Couch Potato Syndrome.”

Vipassana: A Form of Liberating Meditation

My First Vipassana Experience My First Vipassana Experience was when I was 19 years old. My Philosophy class introduced me to the concept of Vipassana. Much to our excitement, we bombarded our professor about his own experiences, “When one talks about meditation, everything seems light, easy, and applicable right away but it becomes the very oppositeContinue reading “Vipassana: A Form of Liberating Meditation”

On Eating Well

On Eating Well: β€œMeals should be small but frequent, 5-6 times a day. Don’t starve yourself or your metabolism will be negatively affected.” Thank you so much, Dra. Juvy Martillos Sy for teaching me the importance of enjoying my meals while having an efficient vegan lifestyle at the same time. Calorie counting, proper protein, carbs, and fatContinue reading “On Eating Well”