The Hierarchic Existence of Society

The Bread of Salt by N.V.M. Gonzales               The  Bread of Salt is an enlightening short story written by Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzales, a Filipino National Artist. The story revolves around the narrator, a young boy who learns about the realistic prevalence of social classes in a hard way. In short, it is a storyContinue reading “The Hierarchic Existence of Society”

Modernism over Colonialism

Ananta Pramoedya Toer’s β€œThis Earth of Mankind” Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  β€œThis Earth of Mankind” is a story that speaks of the conflict between modernism and colonialism amongst the Dutch and Indonesian relations. A story consisting ofΒ  both the rapid change and the stagnant ideals of the characters, it is a story that conflicts on the issues ofContinue reading “Modernism over Colonialism”

Sa Aking Panalangin

A Concept of what it means to be a Filipino…               For my great Southeast Asian novel, I choose Philippines as my designated country. I want to write about my own country through the lenses of the Filipinos who are struggling with poverty, crime, and injustice. I hope to exhibit these problems in a way thatContinue reading “Sa Aking Panalangin”