Food binge or meal prep?

These lockdowns are taking a toll on me… but then, it has been to all of us. Challenging times with an added fear of lowering one’s immunity due to stress. That is why the constant challenge that we have to maintain one’s well being to fight off the prevailing COVID away from ourselves. Stress equatedContinue reading “Food binge or meal prep?”

Ichigo Ichie: One moment at a time

Ichigo ichie helps you discover your ikigai, or life’s purposeβ€”because it’s only by learning to be present, to be tuned into what catches your attention and excites you in the moment, that you can identify what it is that most motivates you and brings you happiness… @ikigaibook I used to think a lot about myContinue reading “Ichigo Ichie: One moment at a time”

Finding the Self through the World of Pageantry

A Journey of Self behind the scenes of Beauty Pageantry… I used to feel shy when walking on runway shows, I feel conscious whenever I speak about my thoughts, and I feel unsure about my abilities whenever I set out to venture on something new. More often than not, on a normal day, I wouldContinue reading “Finding the Self through the World of Pageantry”

The Women’s Baths by Ulfat al-Idlibi

Rewritten in a postmodern technique of magic realism: Our household was troubled by the uncanny: my grandmother, who passed away last week at the age of seventy, still exists within our presence. Her voice is still imminent amongst the whispers of the wind. As the leaves of the Black Mulberry tree make subtle movements, herContinue reading “The Women’s Baths by Ulfat al-Idlibi”

Essay on Robin Hemley & Mohezin Tejani

Reading Hemley’s essay, helped in grasping one’s cultural consciousness and its present undergoing change due to modernity. “Before we left for Manila again, Pakoran’s daughter Susan handed Laurie a short essay she’d written in her native language. Laurie had asked Susan to write the essay, not because he wanted to encourage her as a buddingContinue reading “Essay on Robin Hemley & Mohezin Tejani”

Gender Studies: Finding One’s True Identity

Gender studies allow us to rethink and reshape our lives. It enables one to question and understand the existence of terms like β€œsexuality” and the history that they possess. It creates a sense of openness towards each individual through education. To respect each individual despite the differences they may have; it is where they learnContinue reading “Gender Studies: Finding One’s True Identity”