Food binge or meal prep?

These lockdowns are taking a toll on me… but then, it has been to all of us. Challenging times with an added fear of lowering one’s immunity due to stress. That is why the constant challenge that we have to maintain one’s well being to fight off the prevailing COVID away from ourselves.

Stress equated to being unhealthy a lack of sleep and days of restless food binging. Of course I would know, I went through this during the beginning of the pandemic last year. I was constantly finding ways to relieve my restlessness and ended up food ordering beyond my calorie intake’s responsibility. πŸ˜ƒ but then we know how that results to, an innate feeling of bloated laziness that lasts more than you anticipated. I gained unabashedly and negating the aftereffects brought me to getting my former pain from the injuries back.

Teaching us to stay healthy in a vegan holistic way is one of Chef B’s specialty.

This year, I did not want to repeat the same mistakes that took me six months to get back to a healthier version of self. That’s how I discovered the blessing of healthy meal preps. They are calorie counted with the proper macro and micro nutrients that we need on a daily intake. The Sexy

Kitchen By B, became my companion to achieving a leaner physique and a clear positive outlook mentally. 🀍

Every dish was a healthy celebration of vegan flavours

I stopped craving too much fried food and sweets once my protein and carb intakes became balanced as well. More so, I enjoy eating vegan food day by day with the excitement of knowing that I can stay fit and have a balanced feast.

So my take lesson during this pandemic was learning more about my body and finding ways to negate any hormone imbalance and stress by eating the right way. It does take some effort but if done with caring people by your side it becomes an enlightening and fun process!

Mornings became a ritual of joy and light beginning ever since learning to meal prep with Chef B.β™₯️

Happily so, Chef B also taught me how to be an independent vegan on preparing meals for travelling or moving working days. She has become not only a health ally but an inspirational friend as well. πŸ™‚πŸ’š

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