Ichigo Ichie: One moment at a time

Ichigo ichie helps you discover your ikigai, or life’s purposeβ€”because it’s only by learning to be present, to be tuned into what catches your attention and excites you in the moment, that you can identify what it is that most motivates you and brings you happiness… @ikigaibook

I used to think a lot about my future and pondering the intricacies of my past until I realised that I became in a constant stupor of some sort… The present like mere flashes of a film of someone else’s life… That’s when I realised I had to do something about it and learn focusing on each and every moment. πŸ’›

β€œIchigo ichie depends on our ability to listen, see, touch, smell, and savor every moment, doing only one thing at a time, and putting our heart and soul into it…” @ichigoichiebook

So thatβ€˜s what I did, each movement meditative bringing my awareness to my surroundings, conversations, and to the people around me. I also learned yoga during the beginning of the lockdown. Breathing exercises accompanied with movement to bring you back at present moment. 🧑

My favourite snippets of Ichigo Ichie

From early mornings walks, to making tea, having a call with a loved one, preparing meals, some considered tasks that are mundane are actually habits that are worth cherishing with our senses. This is why I became more at peace amidst this lockdown… Every activity matters as it brings us to our self grounding.

β€œYou are your own teacher…”

ikigai #wabisabi #ichigoichie

Published by Asha Gutierrez

Writer | Vegan | Feminist

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