Aspects of Faith

God and What it means to have Faith

Undoubtedly, Faith is a belief that is worthwhile to living a better life. It is a power, a sense of awareness that makes everything betterβ€”the world becomes comprehensible. Faith pushes us to be better, faith makes us want to do better. Connected to this, when we start having faith, hope and love becomes easy to access from within us. Faith is what brings us there. This is the power of faith. Given its importance, it is only of significant to know the true essence of it.

My understanding of faith throughout the reading is getting a grip, it is staying strong with the belief despite everythingβ€”any challenge that can complicate circumstances. In the Scriptures, the stories, and the people believed in God even when they underwent trials. Same goes for our present situations, one should keep on believing for the better good, a tornado, a suffering, a painful event that makes you want to give up on everythingβ€”unless you have faith. Faith is believing against all odds.

A great example would be the story of Job. He devoted himself to God due to his gratitude on God giving him the gift of life. His faith was tested further when he underwent poverty and lost his children. However, he continued having faith to God, praying while placing his hands on the ground with the equal devotion that he had when he was in his best condition. His wife rejected her own faith when he became sickly. She asked Job to do the same yet he stood firm and stayed faithful. (794-795). He stayed firm and believed in God, thus showing faith.

Having faith in God means that one has faith in the existence of the good, the scriptures, and the value of actions related to this. It is apprehending divinity with an acute trust and confidence. Such as from Jonah’s story from the Quran: He left Nineveh with his inclination to be irascible on humanity’s obstinate characteristic. He was induced by a large fish but with faith, he believed that he can escape (73-78). His confidence and faith is what saved him.

Having faith is believing whether you are in a good or a bad situation. Yet there is more to that, faith is celebrating and cherishing this belief as well. Praying and singing praises to God is of great significance. Job displayed such trait when he prayed to the Lord after hearing the death of his children and animals, β€œMay the name of the Lord be blessed” (798). Asking for guidance and forgiveness through prayer is also important, such as the Quran, in which Faith is known and shown through those who are humble (126). Being devoted to God is faith in itself as it requires a constant respect through means of communication and action.

Faith is as faith does. To say that one has faith and yet does not follow God’s word would be ersatz. It is not the righteous way to achieving faith. Having faith means one believes and outlives the righteous beliefs. It may be hard, such as the commandments, one needs to have discipline and understand that a violation of such would result to being a disloyal devotee to God. It is our duty to follow such even amidst trials and errors. Jonas tried to run away from God himself but this does not allude to him being a disloyal servant to God. There are circumstances in which shows the faithful and the unfaithful.

To have faith is to understand the existence of a Higher Being than yourself. To be able to grasp this truth nourished one’s well-being towards the greater good. It is our duty to understand, follow, and trust the God of our religion, while respecting the goodness of each. Faith is a well renowned gift that one has to cherish with care. It is a bond that creates Hope, Love, and many other beautiful perspectives in Life. Faith can make everything good and worthwhile. Amidst the trials of life, to have faith means that you are strong and unbreakableβ€”God’s believer is the benefactor of the good.

Saint Augustine Quote: β€œFaith is to believe what you do not see ...

Note: Written on March 2017

Published by Asha Gutierrez

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