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I have never been much of a user of expensively concocted beauty products myself. Surprisingly, some would say, given that I am in the world of modelling and pageantry.

However, I do enjoy studying the latest brands and discoveries of such innovative beauty care. From vlogs to written news, I do immerse myself in learning new ideas about these.

Whenever, I look at beauty products, I notice one thing, the more natural, organic, or pure the ingredients are, the more pricey it turns out to be. Upon estimation, from asking around, some of my girl friends spend around 10,000-50,000 pesos/$200-$1,000 on lotions, make-ups, shampoo, perfume in each quarter of year. Oooh-la-la!

This made me rethink of how much money one can actually save up by opting to go as natural as possible. Besides, I do enjoy finding cute bottles to put in my homey aromatic scents or looking for locally made products while walking around…

Here are some of the beauty practices that I have been consistently doing for the past few years:

The amazing benefits of "Aloe Vera" - mossPink ~shibazakura~
Aloe Vera

Face: Lukewarm water and Aloe Vera

I realised since becoming a vegetarian a few years back, that my pimples then were usually an effect of what I ate, ever since I changed my diet, my skin has been smooth and blemish-free. I do get an occasional mini zit during my period but apart from that I have no issue with acne problems anymore. Drinking water is also a good skin care ritual. I do have an aloe vera plant at home for this and I usually just wash my face with lukewarm water before going to sleep.

Did you know? Washing your pillowcase on a weekly basis is important because your face rests on it for hours. Washing it removes fallen hair follicles and accumulated dirt particles.

Also: Our face skin PH are actually more sensitive than our hair and scalp so sometimes our hair care product (more possibly if it has paraben or chemicals) activates irritation and allergic reactions to our face which causes sudden breakouts or acne.

Hanging Eucalyptus in the Shower Is Trending on Pinterest | Allure

Body Wash: Rice Bran soap and Eucalyptus Oil

Rice Bran soap is quite a wonder! When use regularly, it evens out your skin tone. Rice bran soap helps lighten scars and dark spots as well, apart from it being a moisturiser, it also removes excessive soil or sebum from the body. Once I found this soap, I was wowed with its numerous advantageous properties.

After working out or after a long day of activities, my muscles tend to be tensed and sore but applying Eucalyptus Oil after rinsing off the soap seems to be quite a release. When diluted, this oil can be applied to skin to remove inflammation and promote healing. It also kills off bacteria and leaves you smelling aromatic.

Cecilia's Recipe: How to Make Gugo or Gogo Shampoo | Diy shampoo ...
Gugo, Lavender, and Lemon

Shampoo: Gugo and Lavender concocted locally made products

Gugo simultaneously promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall. Unlike some store bought shampoos, this actually removes dandruff instead of causing it. My hair is smooth and soft after using this shampoo. For those who suffer eczema, Gugo can actually help heal this. I also enjoy Lavender scented hair products for it helps me relax throughout the day and sleep properly at night. For conditioner, I usually opt for locally made hair care products with coconut milk elements. I do make my own coconut milk hair spa when I have the time.


Hair cleanse: Lemon and apple cider vinegar

When I feel like my hair is heavy or oily, I do this rinse, just a quick concoction of half a freshly squeezed lemon and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It seems to remove all the dirt and sebum from my hair and scalp. Thoroughly wash the acidic particles off with cold water. Applying aromatic oils afterward would do to the trick to eliminate its vinegar pungency.

How Coconut Oil Is Made - Chowhound
Coconut Oil

Hair Spa: Cool Aloe Vera or Warm Coconut Oil

Moisturizing hair spas are fun and can be done while watching your favorite show or reading your classic book. I just put the aloe vera gel in the fridge a few minutes to cool it before applying to my hair or I warm the coconut oil by pouring 1/4 cup in a bowl before putting it in a steamer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Does Charcoal Toothpaste Really Teeth? – NewsBeezer
Activated Charcoal

Teeth: Charcoal Mint paste, or baking soda (yes, both actually works with teeth whitening and cleaning)

I do use toothpaste made of natural mint and baking soda. I do not need to make it too minty or have too much whitening properties (You only stain your teeth with what you eat so avoid coloring, sodas, and etc.) Activated charcoal removes the stain on one’s teeth minus the chemical ingredients from most toothpastes. However, I use it once or twice a month only to avoid eroding my tooth enamel.

How about you? What are your beauty health care rituals? I would love to learn from you too.


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